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Monday, September 25, 2017

Two headlines that say it all...

And there you have it, folks.

23% of NFL players take a knee.  Just 25% of Americans can tell you the three branches of FedGov.  Fill in the blank space of the remaining 50% or so of Americans, and you can see why we are f'd.


  1. I still maintain that the President's fiery "outrage"
    is disingenuous jingoism, manufactured to cover his pandering support for granting amnesty to
    "DACA" illegals.
    Even though I strongly disagree with
    the Anthem kneelers, I take great displeasure in
    noticing the howling outrage from the staists in
    (fake) Patriots clothing, who suudenly have no idea what the BOR, USC, and the freedom of natural law is.
    And that too, says it all.
    I agree, our Relublic is post-Constitutionally fucked.
    But celebrity athletes are not the epitome of it.
    Is there seriously about to be bloodshed caused
    by their refusing not to stand for the
    National Anthem?
    Do you know how many times,
    even when the Army was fucking me over the worst, that I stood in formation, properly at attention, saluting and professional, while the entire time I was screaming "FUCK YOU"
    in my mind.
    And, of course, those posers (patriots) making the most noise are the schilling shitbags, pandering whores, and loose change hustlers.
    These same losers refuse to get off their craven asses to decorate lampposts, telephone poles, and trees with the treasonous and unchecked communist shitbags of local, state, and federal government, regardless of their long chain of blatantly public and egregious crimes.
    But when those overpaid black sportball wranglers neal in silent protest while the Anthem of our Republic is played, well, Goddamn it,
    it's time to burn this motherfucker down!
    String those niggers up!
    Hang em' high!!!
    You worthless fucks are pathetic,
    and the dumbest monkeys in captivity.

    cav medic

  2. Go ahead, take a stroll through
    the (fake) patriot blogosphere, it's
    all about Sportyball.
    Communists are now openly using
    physical force to take ground in FUSA
    and hold it.
    They have permanently moved beyond
    the implied violence of a menacing
    physical presence.
    The win is so complete, they now
    harass, intimidate, and run off their
    white (communist) comrades.
    Ain't nobody got time for that!
    The Sportyball league has pissed me off.

    cav medic

    1. The 'Patriots' in the blogosphere have little choice but to talk about football and how craven it is as the culture war is put on full display. Because if they don't talk about football, or the latest statue debasement, or blahblahblah - then they might have to reckon with reality and truth - that they are irredeemable physical and moral cowards who ignore the Commies in California who have taken and held ground as well as the Commies and Muslims and Illegals who run amok and unchallenged within their own hometown AOs.

      They'll talk about anything, complete with violent rhetoric, that helps salve the seeping sores upon their Souls that are a direct result of their cowardice.

      Afterall - they have a mission ...for the children... and must keep themselves from Harm's Way.

  3. http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/001/298/296/315.jpg

    cav medic


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