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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Final Countdown - III Arms Push Dagger

The bottom unit is our prototype - you've seen this one before.

The top unit is essentially our production unit.  (We'll begin actual production very soon - our engineer is working out the final details of the CNC fixture.)

The production unit will be all aluminum, as pictured in the pic above.  The strength is outstanding, and the balance is much better than using a steel spike.

Final length on the spike will be 4 inches (as above, the black unit).

Time is almost up for our final free give-away unit!  Send us a picture of the original WWII issue unit and tell us what organization issued it to its personnel, and you'll win the third (III) production unit to roll off the line!

You can pre-order now for just $79 (in-the-white).  Only the first 100 units will be available at this special price.  Order 'In-the-White' bare aluminum to finish yourself, or black Duracoat finish.  Kydex sheath included.   

**Special Offer**  The first 100 Patriots who purchase the III Arms Push Dagger will receive a free certificate to attend a special Combatives course that incorporates the Push Dagger into the program.  Certificate is good for 2 years from purchase, and all classes are held in our St. Maries, Idaho Academy training center.

III Arms Push Dagger

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  1. No amount of sesible discousre and response,
    even from those I mostly agree with, can justify their illusions and belief in any elected member of the (Excutive, Legislative, Judicial) treasonous Uniparty.

    California becomes first 'sanctuary state' for undocumented migrants

    cav medic


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