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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tell me again...

...that voting doesn't matter.

Voting is useless.

Voting is for suckers.

Then show your work.

Regardless of what you may think of President Trump, consider the last 9 months under a President HRC.  

The challenge posed is, of course, rhetorical.

That is all.


  1. The rule of law and equality
    of justice is long dead in America.
    In our post-Constitutional (Uniparty) dictatorship…

    Voting doesn't matter.

    Voting is useless.

    Voting is for suckers.

    At a bare minimum, for starters, a sharia law muslim terrorist attack in Las Vegas resulted in 59 dead (and climbing), with over 500 wounded, and fedgov is treasonously and criminally hiding that factual truth.
    Moreover, an individual member of the Judicial
    Branch wields (law making) power over the Executive Branch/Presidency.
    And not one citizen, especially those who belch, fart, and posture as hardened, tough, courageous, death dealing, no holds barred Patriots, living in the delusional grandeur of their feeble minds, have completely failed (as always) to respond in any way.
    Not a single toy of the elites has been broken.
    Not one treasonous (elected) member of the Uniparty/elite or their communist foot-soldiers has been used to decorate a single tree or streetlight, or force fed an ammunition sandwich, or beaten to death while sleeping soundly, or set on fire, or made to inspect the undercarriage of a motor vehicle that is moving,
    etc., etc., etc.


    cav medic

  2. I think Vegas was a deep state op. Not a muzzie show. Too many obvious signs of a cover up like 9/11.

    I saw an article warning witnesses their lives may be in danger.

    1. LT believes private sector Operators did the work for Team Soros/Globalist Reds.

      I'm still convinced of only one thing - what we 'know' is not what happened.

  3. Absolutely.
    At a minimum, a team of three, infiltrated
    across the nonexistent southern boulevard,
    with Paddock (the new muslim) recruited as
    a guide, via his connection to filipina muslim Marilou.
    Do you recall how Alejandro Sosa coyly
    asked Tony Montana to be a guide for
    Alberto, who is an "expert in the disposal business," "but he doesn't speak English,"
    "he doesn't know his way around the States
    too well," "he needs a little help," would
    that be a problem Stephen?
    Do not underestimate the level of muslim
    terrorism in the Philippines, and I don't mean
    the recent 'ISIS' offensive in Marawi and the
    ongoing campaign of abductions and beheadings.
    My knowledge of the entrenched muslim terrorism there is derived from the loss of an MH-47, it's crew, and two PJ's in February 2002, while my unit conducted ongoing "war on terrorism" operations in the Philippines.

    cav medic


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