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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Yingling & others need to lawyer up...

Virginia sweeps Pa Lightfoot and League of the South with others and is sending them all to the Judge.

Here's the complaint.

Regardless of what you think about Yingling and the others, focus on the principles involved before unleashing mockery and ridicule.  

Once you've done that - mock and ridicule at will...  ;)


  1. Technically he didn't do anything illegal in Charlottesville. But he still is a douche bag.

    1. I think Virginia has a good case under their paramilitary law that the armed militiamen, especially those from out-of-state, are outside the written law.

      But far more importantly, Yingling and his crew especially were spineless in their actions at the event. They came to '...ensure the peace...' between two groups of idiots, and that is not the role of militia. It was a dis-service to serious militia across the country.

      ...and, he's still a douche. ;)


  2. I think they will beat any paramilitary/militia laws. A bunch of armed idiots in camo does not constitue a militia no matter what silly name they give their group.
    They should quickly change their name from Pennsylvania Lighfoot to "Yinglings band of armed turd burglars".

    1. Watch yourself, pal!
      Show some respect.
      That's Colonel Yingling to you.

      cav medic

  3. And not a peep out of WRSA or the drooling commentariat about one of their own being sued for playing soldier. Their silence is deafening.

    1. It won't take Daffy and Barry long to start piling on and throwing him under the bus.

    2. Yes.
      The silence of the phonies that populate the
      (fake) Patriot blogosphere is deafening, but
      the Lightfoot treading and peacemaking
      "militia" leaders from PA & NY have
      something to say.


      cav medic

  4. Seems a shame no Patriot Group exists with a Legal Defense Program for members who may step in it...

    Oh, wait - such a group does exist.


    Imagine that.

  5. It would suck if someone sent the article where Daffy admits he trained the Pennsylvania lightfoot to the individuals suing Yingling. Would MDT be culpable?

    1. I think a jury would laugh at the notion Daffy ever trained anyone, even the Keystone Militia/Cops. ;)

      I think he's now a 'Survivalist' or some such.

      That's what happens to 'Tactical Trainers' who can't even get the Keystone Militia to pay for classes, much less Patriots with basic common sense.

      If he ever manages to fill a class of people in one of his 'Survivalist' programs, it'll probably make headlines as the first 'Survivalist' group to starve to death within a mile of a fast food joint. ;)

  6. Nothing new on this front for CA, but this
    is what that paragon of "free speech," "freedom," "liberty," and the "rights of the individual" posts uncontested, while banning
    and censoring everything he disagrees with
    that makes his mangina hurt.
    CA + WRSA = WN's, that would make actual
    fascists and statist shitbags blushingly proud.

    "Pat Hines on October 14, 2017 at 08:28
    First, the Articles of Confederation would come into force when the really awful US Constitution is abandoned. The southern states had no vested interest in ratifying it in the first place. It’s full of egalitarian nonsense from the enlightenment. Personally, I favor a monarchy, but that’s just me (and a few others), it is ordained by God.

    One of the mistakes made by my ancestors and others of the late 18th century and into the 19th, a grave mistake it’s turned out to be, was the idea that the black man could be raised up to be a civilized person, at least enough so, to live in nearby, circumscribed places. That has been proven to not be possible. Worse, yet, permitting the Jew entry into the judiciary has reduced what white, Christians can do to curb the negro and his inability to control himself. That must be corrected.

    Both the Jew and the negro must be removed from the North American continent, never to return. Muslims should never have been permitted entry."

    Of course, as with all statist shitbags and dictators lying in wait, the communists and
    traitors (of our Constitutional Republic)
    escape his condemnation and finger pointing.

    cav medic

    1. You are right - WRSA has devolved to the lowest common denominator. I dropped-in over the weekend - 'What is Western Civilization' open thread. More circle-jerking.

      And remember - as early as 2015 Pete told some of us he was shuttering his shop just after the elections ended. At this point I wonder if he is just testing to see how low the cumulative IQ of his commentariat can actually go... He does have a sense of humor.

  7. I find it ironic that Yingling denounced everyone at Malheur as FEDS and to stay away. Then he gets a call from some random dude that up until 9 months earlier was a Obama/Occupy supporter and asks him to head security for a WN rally where Yingling jumps at the chance. Long story short, Yingling didn't do his due diligence and is now being taken to court in a different state all because he wanted to be the one in charge where at Malheur he was never going to be. Pathetic.

    1. Cannon fodder. Bullet stopper. Disposable. Cutout.


      He should have been watching over the last 8 years how many times the people he called 'allies' punched right and sought to destroy 'Leaders'. But, he was one of them, and thought they'd never turn on him.


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