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Friday, November 10, 2017

The Swamp

You do understand that the Judge Moore drama is a pure and blatant Establishment Republican political hit, yes?

There are zero D's attached to this one.

RevWarIII is in full effect...


  1. Hearts are all aflutter at western rifle WN's
    blog today.

    60,000 Polish Nationalists March On Warsaw


    1. And the braggadocious bullshit of that blogs commentariat and hobbyists in recent posts,
      although not new and unfamiliar, is good only
      for producing howling fits of laughter.
      Especially the November 10 posting, 'Boston Globe: Hand Over Your Guns'
      The overflowing of fake bravado and machismo is ridiculous enough to stand alone in a realm of stupidity.
      But when they are coupled to the nom de guerre of their posters, what was laughable becomes truly tragic.
      These pointless fucks have shamelessly robbed history for the names of truly talented
      asskickers, skull crushers, badasses, fighters, headbangers, and wanton warriors of destruction, deludedly wielding them as their own. When in reality, they are not even qualified or capable of washing the dirty underwear of their namesakes.
      Their nonsense reminded me of the heady days of late 2012, recently returned home from Afghanistan, and immediately into the post-Newtown storm. Many of the same commentariat were howling into the wind, baying at the Moon, loudly proclaiming that they were a breath and a Hillbillies heartbeat away from going to the matt, no holds barred, do or die, Gung-Ho, shooting, moving, and communicating!
      What a toxic waste soup of worthlessness they are.


    2. I'm not sure how you can even endure going there and to other places just to read the diarrhea and pablum. Doesn't it just hurt your brain and break your heart?

    3. Absolutely, it is most sickening.
      But that is what's required to
      fully gather and effectively use intel.
      And this is the losing shortcoming
      that many on our playing field fall
      to understand, comprehend, and
      become the victim of.
      If the whole of your intel is solely
      what you want to hear,a world of sunshine,
      skittles, and Unicorns, you are on the
      fast track to loserville.


  2. Western Rifle Shooters Association

    How are you teaching what you know to young people?

    November 13, 2017

  3. So, you believe "Lock Her Up" may become
    a reality, and that a Trump Presidency is
    the beginning of real change and signals
    a rollback of the destruction of our
    Constitutional Republic.
    Riddle me this.... why is the AG being
    grilled (on live television) by a Congressional
    committe about the unending bullshit of
    criminal collusion with Russia, by POTUS
    and company?

    cav medic

    1. "Lock her up" has genuine potential because they will eat their own and throw anyone under the bus once it becomes useful. I also believe there will be a pardon involved. She'll never see the inside of a prison cell or camp.

      I believe the Trump Presidency represents a slow-down in our devolution - not a rollback or end of destruction.

      We are fook'd. But I'd rather watch the end of the world as entertainment than anything on TV...


  4. Revel in your worthlessness, one and all.
    The posterity and defense of our Republic,
    Constitution, and the rule of law are untouched
    by any of you.


    cav medic


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