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Friday, December 15, 2017

2017: Semi-Recap

Sorry for the online absence, folks.  H and I have been focused on several non-III projects and 'Life'.  She's been traveling with a college girlfriend as well - Seattle, San Francisco, Napa, and more.

It is time to begin easing back into a few of our ongoing III projects and ramp them up to the next level for 2018.  In that regard, check the Jedburgh Academy site for our February schedule, here.  If you think you are up for it, register and secure your place in class.  Travel: If you are flying into the AO for classes - GEG and a 4X4 rental are your best bets.  Simply getting to St. Maries can be a challenge in February!  My local students: If you are Blue Belt of higher, class is free.

Thank you to everyone who has ordered gear through III Arms and III Gear this year.  Your support is awesome and humbling.  2017 has been our best year yet!

For those of you who have eased-back in the fight since President Trump was elected - GET ON YOUR FEET!  Help us press the advantage.  He can't win the fight for us - he needs ground troops - and that is you and me!  2017 was a great year for the III Society.  Help keep the momentum - let's not squander the opportunity.

Tyranny and Evil are winning the death fight against Liberty.  But it is one fight at a time - and if you refuse to yield we have a chance...


  1. Trump is not a water walker.
    He was a jingoistic candidate.
    And now he is the same, typical,
    run of the mill, ineffectual hood-ornament
    (President), doing nothing but intermittently propagandizing those blurbs of campaign jingoism.
    He's no different than those Presidents
    before him since Lincoln.
    He is a cog in the machinery of
    the treasonous Uniparty dictatorship.
    Moreover, there is nothing about him
    deserving of my duty and sacrifice
    as a foot-soldier. The majority of those
    I've encountered in this life that are, were
    soldiers that I served with.
    Those were men who would put foot to
    ass in defense of, and service to, duty,
    honor, Republic and Constitution.
    Fuck, POTUS.
    And fuck the whole damn scam, from top
    to bottom.
    Every single one of the them, local, state,
    and federal are corrupt, criminal and treasonous.
    Fuck them all.

    cav medic

    1. Those were men who would put foot to
      ass in defense of, and service to, duty,
      honor, Republic and Constitution.

      I wish I knew how to find and coordinate with such men - because such men are simply not showing up. Instead we get the State-suckling parasites and welfare sluts who scream all day long about how they are '...going to save Liberty...' and then go back to work at their .gov jobs on Monday.


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