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Friday, February 9, 2018

Violence in Change is Inevitable...

So you watch the stock market - up thousands and thousands of points since President Trump took office - and you think there will not be violent storms at the daily and weekly levels?

An American sniper - a Patriot - takes out some mid-to-high-level tyrant somewhere on the face of this planet and you think there will not be fighting in the ranks of the dead guy's organization?  He takes out some rag-head PoS who is targeting US troopers, and you think there won't be blow-back?

Only in violence is there any real and significant change in our world - because violence DEMANDS adjustment.  Suck it up, buttercup.  These are not my rules.  I simply recognize them.  A lion eats a lamb - violent and advancement.

Bill.  Alan.  LT.  ToneDeaf.  M1A.  There are more - who will not be recognized publicly, because they have chosen to remain below RADAR. I trust not more than 1 dozen Patriots that I have met in as many years.  Take that for what you will.  Fuck the Establishment - or they WILL FUCK YOU.

Mother Nature rules this world.  God - if you prefer.  I am far too mortal and simple to know the difference.

Cut a throat in a 'Sanctuary City' and see what happens.

Gut a Social Security Parasite like a fish, and see what happens.

Burn a Brown Shirt's house to the ground in Pennsylvania, and see what happens.

Elect a President Trump - and see what happens.

Choose not to support the positive changes a President Trump brings - see what happens.

The moment real 'change' starts, so many of you 'Patriot' and 'III' cocksuckers revealed yourselves and dropped the tags and ran for the cover of your pensions and disability payments and bi-weekly paychecks from some .gov entity.  The REAL Threepers, the REAL Patriots, - the REAL AMERICANS remain standing and ready to go to arms.

III.  You are - or you are not.

Many of you know this blog has rigged for silent running over the last several months.

Many of you also know we have been working beneath the radar.

I need a serious III Patriot with Comms skills to write us a paper on staying in connection via low-power radio from ships and boats in coastal and semi-coastal waters.  Please send when able for publication.

We need a Patriot who is willing to trade a serious low-power radio system for a complete III Arms no-paperwork 1911 kit.  (Choose your own custom slide engraving). We need an Elecraft KX-3 system (160-2) - ready to roll on all bands and with all accessories.  In exchange we'll trade a III Arms 1911 kit - details here. Let us know if you are ready to go.  Square us away quickly, we'll include a III Arms AR-15 upper with mil-spec BCG as well.

Patriots - if you think the revolution ended when President Trump was elected - you are wrong.

The revolution just began - there are Jefferson's to come and we need to be working every day to forward what we see today.  If we do not do it - it will not be done.


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