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Monday, March 5, 2018

Gun Confiscation Crusade Begins...

We have held for years that the Liberty Movement becomes far too breathless every time the Reds start banging the gun control gong.  

This time is no different, for the same reason: The Second Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights to recognize and affirm our inalienable right to arms - to be used against exactly the people who would disarm you.

The Second Amendment may no more be abolished (legitimately) than can the First, or Fourth, or any other of your inalienable Rights - unless you let them do it, whether all at once or incrementally.  Americans have suffered and endured many such aggressions by our Masters.  However, the only blame to be laid is at our own feet.  We tolerate FISA abuses.  We tolerate searches at airports and demands for our pass codes on our devices.  We tolerate traffic cams. We tolerate politicians who mandate full-auto weapons are forbidden and we tolerate the hoops they make us jump through for suppressors and other devices.  We tolerate the political class in Washington and every state capital and their shenanigans.  We tolerate the theft of four trillion bucks a year that FedGov steals from our economy - not to mention that taken by the states and locals.

We tolerate.

Isn't it interesting that the only amendment in the Bill of Rights that states '...shall not be infringed...' is in the Second?

Everything will be infringed, by somebody, so long as you permit it to happen.

And yet our Founders and Framers showed us how to shut down tyrants, and they even embodied the means in our Bill of Rights.

But only Man can limit the tyranny of another Man.  No parchment can do it.  Not even that tricked and slick AR can do it - without a man or woman willing to stand and stop tolerating abuse.

Here's the piece detailing a dozen states that are considering confiscation laws.

Here's the text and list of co-sponsors for HR 5087 - the House version of the '2018 Assault Weapon Ban'.  Fascinating...

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  1. Archived so you don't get hammered with ads...
    Seattle man got his taken over the BS ERPO law. Made people "uncomfortable" looking at them while open carrying.



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