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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Clemency in the works for Dwight & Steven Hammond?

According to a report by Protect the Harvest, sent to us by Patriot & Ally Mark Johnson, clemency is under review by White House Counsel.

Now is the time to make noise - fill social media with 'Free the Hammonds' and related chatter to ensure the White House hears positive feedback.

From the piece: The father and son asked for clemency from President Barack Obama shortly after resuming incarceration, but it now appears their request has gained traction under the Trump administration.

Protect the Harvest, a nonprofit representing agriculture and hunting interests, has learned the Hammonds’ request for clemency has in recent weeks come under review by the Office of the White House Counsel Don McGahn, said Dave Duquette, the group’s national strategic planner.

“It’s moving much quicker than we anticipated it moving,” he said. “That’s a good thing, from what I’ve heard.”

The Hammonds have sought a commutation of their sentences but are hoping for a full pardon, which is within the president’s power to give, Duquette said.

“If they only get a commutation, then they’re still felons,” and subject to a prohibition on owning guns, among other restrictions, he said.

Here's the link.

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