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Saturday, June 30, 2018

America 1549

It matters who is in the cockpit...

Despite the howls from  '...the smartest people in the room...' this blog has always advocated voting, regardless of what you think may happen, or what one wishes to happen, in America.  

We believe it matters who is in the cockpit, especially if your plane is going down.

With President Trump we will soon have a 6-3 SCOTUS.  With a President HRC, we'd be facing 6-3 the other way.  Even the most hardcore, anti-American, anti-Constitution Anarchist has to comprehend that we are better with President Trump in the cockpit.

Forget the deceit of Marbury - most of us agree that SCOTUS was never meant to be the final arbiter of what is, and is not, constitutional.  Most of us agree that SCOTUS will be, when push comes to shove, irrelevant to the kinetic resolution of political differences between Americans and Leftists.

But until that moment comes - it matters who is in the cockpit.

When that moment comes, it will matter who is on your town council, in your mayor's office.  It matters who wears the badge of Sheriff.  It matters who is in your state and national offices.  Like it or not, these are some of the people who will decide what remains legal as you prep and train.  Like it or not, some of these people will decide when, and if, to deploy water cannons, drones, road blocks and more.

When the flag goes up, like it or not, it is in your best interest to have the least evil and most moral people possible in all those positions.

Vote.  It is the cheapest prep on your list.

If you think prepping would be easier under a HRC SCOTUS, you are wrong.

If you think prepping is easier for Californians or Marylanders with their insane 'Assault Rifle' bans, you are wrong.

America was founded by smart men.  If American ideals are to prevail, it will be necessary for modern Patriots to be smart and weaken the Enemies of Liberty at every opportunity.

This battle will be won or lost before a single Patriot fires a shot in anger.

Flight 1549 crash landed without a single loss of life - because of who was in the cockpit.

That is all.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, voting does matter, our Constitution
    matters, and it matters who is in the "cockpit,"
    but all of it is made null because the 'Rule of Law' is long dead in America.
    It's all one big treasonous Uniparty, from
    the lowest pencil pusher to the Oval Office.
    I refuse to fetishize the cult of personality,
    pretending that their most celebrated
    celebrity membets are any less cupable,
    than the nameless and faceless minions,
    enacting and enforcing treasonous dictates
    and acts at all levels.
    All are culpable. All are equally guilty.



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