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Saturday, August 25, 2018

It is what it is...

Chinese Military Joining Russians for Nuclear War Games - of course they are, according to plans that are now 75 years old.  Golitsyn. - Here

Chinese Communist Party Funds Washington Think Tanks - of course they are... Golitsyn.  President Trump is the only American in a position to be our McCarthy and make it stick. - Here.

Football participation declines for the second consecutive year nationally - of course it is... Trump - Winning. It's not about 'Hail President Trump' - it's about 'Fuck all those other guys who never used the power we gave them to do the right thing' - Here

52.1% of Kids Live in Households Getting Means-Tested Government Assistance - of course they do... See 'Golitsyn' and 'Parasites' and 'Patriots who take FedGov & StateGov welfare' (we can provide pics if requested) - Story is here.  (God bless CNS - one of the very few real media companies out there.)

Blain Lives!
Yes, boys and girls, 90% of StateGov and FedGov jobs are simply forms of welfare for people who could never hold a job in the private sector.  Here's a language version of the arithmetic for those of you who are not quite reaching mean IQ: Little Mason Dixon Soldier/Trainer/Survivalist/Wannabe Blain (from Terminator)  can't make a living in the private sector, so he takes a job in StateGov Welfare, moving (primarily) political prisoners from point X to point Y.  He is paid from taxpayer dollars.  He re-pays a share of those taxpayer dollars every April (That's part of the little taking-it-in-the-ass he has to pay to his Commie/Collectivist/Tyrannic job-masters for largesse - yes, my friends, a pillow-biter is a pillow-biter, no matter how they take it.  End of story.) .  But he never pays as much as he keeps - thus Taxpayer-funded welfare Job Corps - btw, 90% of the 'job' consists of keeping Liberty-denied Americans on the train...

Why work when dumbass Americans
pay me to stay home and zip-line?!
So to all of the Lane's and Dodge's out there raising kids & grandkids who are taught it's OK to receive the stolen wealth of your neighbors - Huzzah!  You are winning the fight of tyrants!

Regarding all the POTUS drama: President Trump is not the cause of the drama - he is the result of our intolerance of the problem.  He is where he is because we needed X and he answered the call.  You have witnessed the most focused and direct attack on our values from the Left at Donald Trump.

We put him there to answer our pleas for help.

If you abandon him now - you are a disgrace. 

If they take him down and we do nothing in response - we are a disgrace.


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