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Friday, October 26, 2018

More than Half of America Gets More in Welfare than it Pays in Taxes

All the folks living on Welfare Lane and in extra-constitutional .Gov jobs - congratulations: You are the reason America has turned Leftist.


10/24/2018 Ryan McMaken

More than half of Americans receive more money in various types of government transfer payments (Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, Social Security) than they pay in federal taxes.1

According to a report released this year by the Congressional Budget Office, only the top two income quintiles in the United States pay more in taxes than they receive in government transfers.

Not surprisingly, the lowest income quintiles receive far more in transfers than they pay in taxes:

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  1. christianmerc.blogspot.com/2018/11/democrats-you-are-getting-played.html?m=1

    "Set Donald Trump aside. If you are a Democrat and you want to see this nation function as a republic and for laws to mean something, sit this one out. Let the investigations into the coup go forward and let it reveal the traitors to the nation. After that, in 2020, if the rising black support for Trump and the rising Latino support for Trump has not encouraged you that he is not a racist, then vote Democrat."

    What a steaming pile of cucking dogshit.
    You stupid bastards deserve every bit of suffering, loss, heartbreak, and tears.
    You deserve to see beloved family and friends
    tortured and raped, forced to their kness and their brains massaged by soft lead slugs, their corpses pissed on, shit on, and tossed into a
    shallow ditch, all before they get started on you.

  2. What's your damage, Heather?

    First - don't link sites like TL here. That entire cabal of 'Patriots' has finally openly embraced their WN & WS and Leftist tolerances. For explanation, see Bill Nye's old posts - he called it years ago.

    Second - if you have a problem with any of those folks - rant there, not here.

    Finally - we are too busy on our primary sites and our local AO to spend much energy here for anything except items of significant national interest to serious III Patriots. No time for whining bitches.

    Spend your energy on the Local, Local, Local where a difference can be measured.


  3. "Finally - we are too busy on our primary sites and our local AO to spend much energy here for anything except items of significant national interest to serious III Patriots."
    Yeah, sure you are.
    Who the fuck is Heather?

    1. Go somewhere else. Your attacks are misdirected.

  4. i see you included my paid for all my working life of 40+ years SS benefits as a handout. millions of working class poor and middle income Americans have earned these benefits and i take offense to anyone classifying them as handouts or payments from the government. the truth is these lying POS politicians have sucked the life blood out of the SS by stealing, misappropriating funds and using on other projects when they did not have the right. so do not consider what i paid for and worked to receive anything similar to welfare or any other type of entitlement program where they take my tax dollars and give away to a lot of undeserving people who play the system. got that!

    1. Unknown - you are probably new here. I have written at least 100 times that any money you 'contributed' over your working career is rightfully yours. That means you are entitled to revover every penny through whatever means possible, be it social security, medicare, medicaid - whatever. But not one penny more - then you are taking a neighbor's penny.


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