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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Veterans Day

I hope everyone took at least a moment today to honor all of the Americans who have served, who have been wounded, who have died in service to our republic.

Without them and their sacrifices, millions and millions of our countrymen could not today continue to live off the blood-soaked money they accept every month living on Welfare Lane and those who feed at the trough of unconstitutional .Gov jobs...

Remember, folks - every dollar taken into the home of the welfare/.Gov parasites is a dollar stolen by threat of violence from the productive men and women in America.

If your 'job' in any way facilitates, enables or directly results in the infringement of the Natural/Constitutional Rights of your fellow Americans, you are not a Patriot - you are the problem...


  1. Reap it.
    And you most certainly will.
    Revel in what your craven impotence,
    shit talking, and bullshit (online) posturing
    has wrought.
    'Democrats Introduce Bill Banning 80% Lower Receivers'

    1. This is the biggest problem among the 'Patriot' rabble-rabble class - they get all exercised and foamy at the mouth when Commies/Leftists do what Commies/Leftists do.

      But they just rabble-rabble, bitch, whine and complain online between episodes of their sitcoms while taking in ,gov checks every month in handouts or 'paychecks'. They do nothing to shunt the Commies/Leftists in their own neighborhoods, much less their AO.

      Less talky-talky, more smacky-smacky.


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