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III CQB Reviews

I am adding this page for people who have participated in the III CQB class to comment.

Folks - you will not hurt my feelings - so speak your mind.  I take criticism as a chance to improve myself.

This page is not for general CQB discussion - please comment only if you have been through the class.

And if you don't want to comment, that's fine too.  ;)



  1. July 6, 2013, Orange County, California

    0800 - We started arriving, our group included, founders, delegates, administrators, militia members and a founder's daughter, all in all an eclectic mix of individuals who all share the same conviction to live as free men and women. After a short bit of getting acquainted with each other Mr. and Mrs. K arrived. We were briefed on what the class was intended to accomplish for us, as well as proper conduct of the attendees. Proper conduct was explained as anyone trying to use this event as an opportunity to take a cheap shot at Mr. K would be dealt with in the harshest of manners. That being said and with no .gov quisling infiltrators to dismiss, we got right into the training.
    Over the next eight hours we were shown over forty different techniques that would give us the ability to put an end to most physical/martial confrontations we could conceive, while also reminding us that if we were in that position it was probably due to a lack of situational awareness, having your position over run or just plain old piss poor planning, and the odds of our survival at that point were very much against us. Throughout the day Mr. K also reiterated the fact that without positive reinforcement through practice of these techniques AND adding a solid six months of serious Krav Maga training, we were not going to be transformed into super deadly special forces ninjas at the end of the day.
    My takeaway from the training? Value exceeded price of admission. Opportunity to put faces to names and truly connect with other patriots in my AO, priceless. I think everyone in the patriot community could benefit from attending one of the III CQB classes offered in their AO, for not only the skills taught but the opportunity to meet face to face with like minded individuals who are willing to dedicate their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to the cause of the continuity of liberty. Thanks to Bonnie Gadsden for taking point and putting it together, and to Sam and Holly for the first rate training and honest evaluations.

    Richard R Deaver

  2. Loved the class. Sam and Holly are amazing. Most of the attendees were new faces for me, so I was happy to network with new and interesting like minded peeps!

    Ivan Quiroga, California Free Milita

  3. Here's a link to my AAR.


    All said, I would gladly do it again.

    A huge thanks to both Sam and Holly who drove almost 3,000 miles to help out the California Patriots.

  4. I thought the class was fantastic. Sam is a patient, articulate teacher and Holly's sense of humor keeps the atmosphere light as you learn how to break people. I know that sounds strange, but in the end this is a serious subject, skills that I hope never to have to use - so I at least appreciated the levity.
    This was also the primer I needed to get off my butt and get to the Krav school.

    Meeting the other like minded folks was an added bonus, and as Sam mentioned, if help is called for, I'll come.

    Thanks again Sam, Holly and BG!
    Chuck Myhre

  5. CQB Northwest Alabama .08.03.13

    I could say the class was great and say no more, but that would not be doing it justice. We were hoping for twelve participants, but ended up with nine. After brief introductions and name tags we went right into the training. It started at a comfortable pace and was steady throughout the day. Around noon we took a break to eat and cool off a bit. We had some good conversations during this time. Then we went back to work. Most of our group was green and this was their first time to experience this type of training. Sam and Holly were very patient and made every effort to make sure everyone had their turn and was executing each newly learned technique properly. The class was just as advertised. It was fight to your weapon. I would recommend this training to anyone. It is never ones plan, but one never knows when he or she might be caught off guard by a "bad guy(s)". This kind of training is not guaranteed to save your life, but for someone who has it and continues to practice it, your odds of surviving an unpleasant confrontation are greatly increased. Our group ranged in age from 52 to 23. All felt they had received a bargain in the many useful skills they had acquired and a new outlook on defending against an attacker. When we were finished, we had a delicious meal and wonderful conversation. It was truly a pleasure to meet Sam and Holly in person. They are real people who know their stuff and very professional in what they teach.


    Jeffery and Sherry

  6. I attended the CQB Northwest Alabama on 08/03/13. First I'd like to thank our hosts Jeffery & Sherry for being gracious enough to provide us with an excellent location for the training. Next I'd like to thank Sam & Holly for the outstanding training session. The training was everything that Sam advertises it to be and maybe a little bit more. They both did an excellent job presenting the material and were very patient and took the time to make sure everyone felt comfortable with what they had learned before moving on to the next technique. The training was 1st rate and everyone present thoroughly enjoyed the class. I know that everyone that took the class felt like they got a bargain for the price we paid. After class, Sam & Holly stayed for about 3 hours and ate a great meal (thanks to Jeff's culinary skills), and everyone sat around and just talked. It's hard to beat a group of patriots sitting around talking about the issues. It's real hard to beat it when the Kerodins are sitting around involved in the conversation. We had 3 young men in their early to mid twenties in our group. They all had a blast and I could tell that they thoroughly enjoyed listening to Sam and Holly afterward. My take was that this is an excellent way to get more young patriots involved. If you're thinking about hosting or just attending one of these training sessions, try to involve the young guys! Also, I was the "old fart" in our group at 52, almost 53. If anyone is thinking about participating and is worried about age being an issue, don't worry. I'm just in average shape for my age and I did just fine. Sam and Holly both were very attentive and did a great job trying to make sure that no one exceeded their limitations. If you're thinking about doing it---Go for it! Again, thanks to Sam & Holly for the great experience, it was a pleasure to meet you both. And thanks again to Jeff & Sherry for providing the location and gathering up a great group of Patriots!

  7. Here is my AAR of the III CQB in South Florida.



  8. South Florida III CQB Training Aug 17 2013

    From a Kravist Perspective

    As soon as our group organizer (Allan Mullenax) announced he was trying to arrange for Sam to come and teach the CQB course I was one of the first to commit. I did it mainly to support Alan, and because “the times we live in” have re-sparked my interest in self-defense and hand to hand combat skills. I am a student of Krav Maga and have been practicing regularly for the past 14 months. I really didn’t know what to expect from Sam’s CQB course. I thought it would be worth the effort if I could walk away with a hand full of new moves that I could continue to practice. But, Sam’s CQB course exceeded my expectations, as I walk away with so much more.

    Let me start by saying, Sam and Holly make an excellent training team. I thank them for taking the time and allowing us to be their students. The techniques taught were easy to learn, execute and very effective. I’m twice the size of my wife and she had me on the ground many times throughout the day. As we learn, Sam and Holly would work with us individually and further explain and/or correct our application of the techniques. Plenty of time was allowed for us to practice and learn what was being taught. I can’t go without saying; the ground fighting technique taught to the girls for a rape situation was outstanding.

    The CQB techniques did not overlap or conflict with my Krav Maga training, which was one of my main concerns. Instead, what was being taught flowed quite nicely with the way I’m used to moving in Krav Maga. I was able to absorb many new moves that are now part of my skill set. When we practiced gun and knife take-aways, I had some difficultly executing the techniques being taught. The CQB techniques in this portion of the class where very effective, but different from what I was used to in my Krav Maga training. Gun and knife take-aways are one of the main areas of practice in Krav Maga. With that being said, there where new moves that I learned from this portion of the class, that I have now incorporated into my skill set.

    Things Sam taught us throughout the day left a permanent impression. Such as; how and where I carry my gun and knife and how to deploy them in a hand to hand battle if needed; things I had never really thought about before. As a result of having taken Sam’s CQB course, I feel I am better mentally and physically prepared to defend myself.

    Thank you for your hard work and sacrifice,


  9. The person in the video is very good with (obviously) years of training. I love Aikido and Hapkido and would like to become profecient at it. As a Krav Maga instructor, I would have to say we would never bother training on the fine motor skills involved in the technique. Once the adrenaline dumps, most fine motor skills are lost. You also experience audio and visual exclusion. We do have "soft" techniques for these types of grabs for when blunt force trauma should not be used (in case "Please let go" just doesn't work).

    I really look forward to you coming to Texas soon so that our group will the opportunity to meet and train with you. We highly recommend cross training in different CQB systems and using what will "work for you".

    Thank you for all you are doing -- D in Texas

    1. D: Thank you - you hit on the precise reason I advise all of my students to seek a Krav studio and dive in for at least 6 months of hard, serious training. When a person hits that "Fight or Flight" moment and the adrenaline dumps, and tunnel vision begins to creep in, the number of years required to rely on Aiki or even Ju Jutsu is tremendous. Krav is the most reliable fighting skillset one can learn on a short timeline to have real-world skills. Then, with Krav as a foundation, if someone wants to begin to explore other styles, great. But start with Krav to make sure you have the best chance in the shortest amount of time.


  10. Anyone that is interested in taking this class but hesitates because of previous injuries, their age, or physical condition listen up. If I can do it, so can you. I took this class at our Idaho PatCon on the top of a rocky mountain.

    I'm 58, I have been recovering from several orthopedic adventures over the last 21 months. I have lost stamina and strength, not to mention you don't exactly stay in good condintion while you're twiddling your thumbs waiting for bones to heal.
    I was still able to take this class and learn significant skills. Sam and Holly take into consideration the level of fitness that the participants in their class have and they tailor that experience for each student. The classes have an enormous amount of information in them, but Sam and Holly make sure everyone gets individual attention. If you have a technique that you are having trouble executing, they work with you, one on one, until you have a grasp of the technique. Now, I just need someone to practice on.....
    So, NO EXCUSES! ;)

    Miss Violet

  11. The Mrs and I took the CQB class in Idaho. We are not in the best of shape, Mrs is getting up there in age, having many different surgeries. Me, at almost 61, having surgery for torn rotator cuff twice, hip replacement, broken leg and cracked ankle, and a broken rib once, did not keep us from the class. We thought about it, I asked Sam too what he thought, and we went for it.
    Sam and Holly lets you decide on your ability to fall, roll, on ground. If we asked for help on trying to execute a technique, they went all out to help.
    We did not do the ground class on day 2, I wish I did, when ever I have a chance I will.
    No matter who you are, shape you are in, age, disability if any, they can show you what you can do to fight to your weapon.

  12. Mine is kind of lengthy so I did a full review over at The Steel Ibeam. I intend to follow up with a Krav Class as well as anxiously await the video. Go here to see my 2013 NC Fall PatCon III CQB review.

    In Liberty,


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