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Mark D. Firestone (Firestone Fine Carpentry, LLC) and Carol Jane King (Esquire)

As I have said all along, Mark D. Firestone (Firestone Fine Carpentry, LLC) is a spineless Coward.

He sent me an email last night, like a frightened bully on the playground who runs away while calling out names and wetting his panties.

Over at his site, he even tries to save Face by posting his email to me, as if I have somehow been scathingly bested.  As yet, Mark D. Firestone (Coward) you still have failed to name a time and place, anywhere in America, where you will have the opportunity to recite your own words to me at arm's-length.  What's the word for that?  Can U Not Tell?

Well, Mark, since you have no balls and won't post my reply to you, I'll do posterity the favor of posting it here, yours first, my reply below:

From: Mark Firestone - Firestone Fine Carpentry, LLC [mailto:tiftoo@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, October 09, 2012 6:01 AM
To: John Parker

Kerodin, Sam, Christian, K, John Parker or whatever the fuck you're calling yourself today -

I don't respond well to threats and intimidation. The more you and your band of dickheads threaten and attempt to intimidate me and mine, the more deserving you all are of ridicule. You say I don't know you and your friends? Sure I do. You're all the same, a bunch of fat, overweight desk jockies who think you've cornered the market on what defines patriotism. And really, meet you for fisticuffs? You think I haven't heard THAT shit before? Whatever, dude. Come on down to Key West. Bring your buddies. I'll buy you all a round of drinks and you can watch the drag queens on Duval. Oh yeah, I forgot, you're all of much more...MORALLY SOUND character than the rest of us.

As I said to Jake, I'll tire of your collective antics soon enough. Right now it's entertaining as hell.

It's all bullshit in the end. Speaking of "in the end", I suggest you and your misfits stop with the threats or you might find yourself back in stir playing drop the soap again. Yep, I'm a "failed politician". You're an ex-con. What's your point? At least I financed my campaign with my hard-earned dollars and not money I bilked from others.

Really, get a grip, man. Last time I checked, parody was legal in all fifty states. Threats of bodily harm AREN'T.

How can I miss you when you won't go away?


My reply:

Mark, I really don’t care how you respond to anything.

You came at me, you get what you get.  “Fat, over-weight desk jockey”?!  You really, really have no clue.

Threats?  Fisticuffs?  I don’t care what you’ve “heard before”, that wasn’t me. I beg you:  If you think I have threatened you by inviting you to recite your own words, face to face and man to man, take it to your local police department or FBI office and tell them to come and get me.  Call DOJ, as your female threatened – they know me by name.  Call the Feds and warn them of the “Terroristic threats” you posted about, they know me by name, too.  If you think Carol has been threatened, do the same.  They’ll laugh you out of the building and you know it. 

You are an online punk and bully, and you under-estimated me.  You don’t get to pull this shit with a man like me.  You don’t get to attack good people free, especially trying to use me as the weapon. 

Pick a place and time, or forever remain a cunt.  You’ll never show, and I can do more damage with paperwork these days, anyway. 

You attempted to attack the financial futures and investments of good people, inflicting economic harm upon them, people who never even knew your name.  You called them names that no man would ever get away with face to face.  You reap what you sow, and you and your female can expect the same – only I’m better at it.  Before this is done you will be homeless, penniless, unemployable and begging for food stamps and toothpaste, and eating your best meals out of the dumpsters behind bad fast-food joints.   

You may call it parody.  You may call it opinion.  You may try to laugh it off.  All you are doing is revealing your fear, and the stench is foul.   

You fucked up.  Get ready for the roughest few years of your pathetic life.  You are not the one who decides when this is over.   

Final note, since you wrote: The image of the Enemies of Liberty Certificate you have on your website is my property and creation, and you are violating Fair Use and Copyright: Remove it within 24 hours or I will come at you that way, too.
~~ End of Email ~~
Oh, and Carol - my name is Christian, you silly lass.  I have never once discussed any of my religious beliefs online.  Jonestown?  Really?  As usual, you're either stupid or deliberately obtuse.  Don't care which.  The result is the same.  Please stop breeding.


  1. Ditto that Kenny....wow!

  2. Internet Commando and his, well (female) picked on the wrong fella!


  3. Mark is a punk with a big mouth and no guts, hot headed bastard in bankruptcy LOL

  4. Not all of us attorneys are POS commie trash. Molon Labe!

    1. Michael - what is your specialty, and do you consider yourself a III Patriot?


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