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Friday, June 3, 2011

Arctic Patriot: Why Bother

I have personally decided that the system as it exists will Implode/Collapse and it is imminent.

Not enough minds will change, certainly not fast enough, and too many earn from the Status Quo.

I have no intention of circle-jerking.  Some of you are worthy of the gene pool.  Some of you should eat a bullet.

So, I wait.  I'll nudge and write and try to offer thought to those who I think may be worth it...

One day I will go dark and Operational.

It's not more simple than that...

His piece is here.


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  1. Budda was asked what it was like to be "enlightened"
    Budda replied; "Miserable"
    To know the Truth is to know the greatest of sorrows.
    A cockroach eats, sleeps, deficates and procriates with no thought of tomorrow. Yet it is said that a cockroach can survive a nuclear event.
    The difference between a cockroach and a human is; a human thinks about tomorrow, and a human burns fast.
    Noone has ever enslaved a cockroach


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