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Friday, June 3, 2011

There are more R's in the field, of course.

Most of you know my thoughts on them all - useless.

Even my favorite, Sarah, is not a politician who fits my Constitutionalist purity.

But she has good instincts she hates politicians and media, and of the field, none are better.  She's loyal - she even backed McCain when she didn't need to, and it wasn't because she agreed with his positions.

There is a LOT of time before November 2012.  The purpose of this post is to remind you that every discussion of which GOP Contender should get the nomination is a Sparklie of Death.

Earn all the money you can right now.  Lay in as many supplies as you can, from food to defense to meds.

None of these people will be able to stop the implosion - and none of them even want to...



  1. Although, she is a "hottie" And I considered a blog titled "Sucking Palin's Ass", she is hardly a potential choice, unless your looking the next designated loser.

    Palin's ostentatious display of a "Star of David" necklace shows her confused sense of loyalty.
    Even the "Jews" over at the "Heeb" blog were kvetching, as to what kind of "Knucklehead" would be so blatantly obvious.

    I afraid if you hitch your or anyone else's wagon to any MSM "authorized" choice, you have fell into the trap of the left/right paradigm.

  2. There is no voting solution, aside from whom you help install in the bunkers.

    I'll handle my own bunker, thank you.


  3. But can we still be Allies, regardless.

    Think........ Rhodesia, circa 1979.



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