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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Recent headlines at Drudge should have all Patriots notching-up their state of readiness.

James Verone, in the picture, robbed a bank for $1 so he'd get thrown in prison with medical care.  Don't get seriously sick in prison, you're better off with a Shaman than a "Health Professional" who can only get hired by the prison system.  And that was at the Federal level - I can only imagine the talent pool hired at the state level!

Poor Mr. Verone isn't even being charged with bank robbery (which would at least have put him in a Federal Institution) - they are charging him with a lesser crime so the best he can hope for is whatever "Health Professional" that so desperately needs work, can't get hired by a real provider, and chooses to voluntarily enter a North Carolina prison every day...

People are stealing copper wire from air conditioners across the country to sell for scrap at about $4/lb.  An entire pole-mounted transformer was stolen recently...

In Pennsylvania, scrap metal thieves are targeting parked cars.

Worst home sales numbers in years.



All would be clues that we draw closer by the moment to someone lighting a match as we all stand in this powder keg.

Stay safe.


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