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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Treason covers it...

I don't think I've ever seen a single image that better captures the state of the republic.

A Government employee in a hijab groping a nun, who will face armed men of Government if she seeks to defend herself.

This image hits like a kick to the teeth.  It should.

What you do with the energy it churns in your Soul will define how this all ends.

Set religion aside. 

This is not a fight of religions - it must not be permitted to be framed as such by our Masters.

This must be a fight about Constitutional ideals.  This is a fight about personal Liberty.

In a republic with proper respect for the Constitution, there is room for all of us who are decent people.

And those who pervert the Constitution?

Article III, Section III.


Every answer we seek is there for us, embodied in the ideals that helped craft the Constitution.

But the responsibility for enforcing those ideals is yours, and mine.  We see what happens when we permit others to abuse the Constitution.

The time nears when each and every American will have no choice but to choose a side.

There will be no middle, none who will be permitted to abstain or vote Present.

Our side will not permit it, nor will theirs.

Make no mistake, this fight is for the Soul of the republic. 

If we lose there will be camps and horrors.

Implosion is imminent.

Contact is imminent.

Brace for impact.


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