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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Brace for Impact

It comes as no surprise to our Community that Boehner & Pelosi will meet in the middle to pass an Establishment bill that is meaningless.  Democrats will come aboard to neutralize the need for the Tea Party Right.

If this passes, which is likely, the time has come for the Tea Party - the real Tea Party - to form their own party and leave the Establishment Republicans where they belong, in the camp of the Enemies of Liberty.

There is grass roots rumbling at yet another double-cross by Establishment R's.

Such a new party will likely mean a D win in 2012.

So be it.  Establishment R's are no different than D's, and we all know it.

None of this will matter in regards to the Implosion that is imminent.  Our current economic trajectory is such that even if a new Tea Party manages to win stunningly in 2012 by defeating Establishment R's and winning a majority, we have passed the point of no return from an economic perspective.

But it will matter when Congress goes to the Bunkers in the darkest hours of what is coming for us all.  In those hours, I would have as many Patriots as possible in those Bunkers as you and I are forced to do our duty across the republic.

AP said it all: Do nothing.  All the Establishment R's had to do was nothing.  That would have imposed a 44% immediate spending reduction, and given us our last real chance to avoid economic Armageddon.  But Establishment R's are as guilty as the Marxists who are determined to grind America into Civil War for their own agenda.

A pox on all their Houses.

Patriots: The balloon may go up at any moment.  It may be this week.  It may be five years down the road (our enemies are clever and driven by personal survival and gain).

When It begins, ugliness will be at all of our doorsteps.  I encourage you all to gear up.  Spend your paper dollars on gear and supplies that will help you survive in the darkest hours the republic will have ever faced.  Lead is more valuable than gold, now.  Food & water is priceless.  Stockpile vice material for barter - cigarettes, alcohol, et cetera.

Those of you who make it to the other side: Remember Jefferson's definition of Liberty and teach it to everyone who has managed to live.  Teach it with kindness or teach it with weapons...but teach it.

Here is the source for the Pelosi/Boehner deal, if you care.


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