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Saturday, July 30, 2011

One for our GunWalker Sleuths

Consider these two grafs: 

However, what the federal agency isn’t keen to make public is how its agents are using these reports to make threatening home visits to firearms owners, while ordering gun store owners to become de facto informants by telling them to spy on their customers.

According to several gun dealers in Austin as well as one of our own staff members, the ATF is visiting people’s homes, demanding to be allowed inside without a warrant, and implying that gun owners could be terrorists for purchasing two or more firearms at a time.

They come from this article: Here.

For those of you chasing GunWalker: Consider chasing down the allegations that ATF is invading homes without warrants, based on new reporting requirements that may have been the underlying goal from Day One of GunWalker.  If this can be substantiated (the lack of substantiation in the original article leads one to be skeptical) and tied to GunWalker...now you have something. 

And that something would indeed mark a dangerous escalation, to be certain.



  1. I saw the article! Steam rolling out of my ears.Man just do away with ATF and be done with it!!!


  2. Let them come....


  3. Man, these ***holes need to be gone. This is pure tyranny - outside any law.

  4. Gentlemen, I give you a quote from the article.

    "The directive takes effect from August 14, 2011."

    IF there are any Dealers that are informing the atf of these Multiple Purchases,,,THEY are premature in doing so.

    Now as to if the atf will or will not be making home visits with of without warrants is YET TO BE SEEN. I for one will be watching.



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