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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Casus Belli II

Gould, Arkansas has a few people on its City Council who want to make it illegal to discuss the City Council without the approval of the City Council.

The offensive notion is not that such a case will not stand in a court - the offense is that in America we have people who think they have the Right to impose such notions upon their Countrymen.

Your neighbors are the problem. 

Most people residing within our borders are not worthy of calling themselves Americans.

Soon we will pass a point when you and I surrender that Right as well, for we are those on the wall, standing this watch...

Here is the story.



  1. One look at the demographics of Gould AR is all it takes to understand whats going on there.

  2. @Rhodes: Despite the demographics, stupidity is color blind.

    That being said, this kind of totalitarian mindset originates and is propogated in the regions of the country wherever democrats are the gross majority. The left loves to divide the people along racial and economic lines, to stave off any unified popular threat against the Oligarchy and their political cronies.
    They rightfully feel threatened, and this kind of city council BS shows their fear.

  3. Well my town might be a little more than twice that towns population. And i must say these places is where one will most likely see the tar and feathers fly first. Gotta start somewhere me thinks......


  4. Err was referring to the number of welfare recipients. May should have been clearer, my bad.


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