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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Swing for the Fence

So, you trust your skill set with that iron you carry.  You can clear leather & double-tap center-mass in under a second.  Good for you - you are far better prepared than most men.

But if you fail to see the threat before it gets too close, you'll die with your 1911 in the holster or your hand, even if it's just a young thug with a Louisville Slugger.

Five thugs with bats?  You'd better recognize the threat, clear leather and start dropping bad guys before the first one closes to within 30 feet.  A motivated man can cover 30 feet in 3 seconds or less.  Double-tapping five targets who are advancing fast from several angles...gets dicey, and depending on your favorite boom-stick, may require a reload.

Consider, Patriot:  Truth, Justice & the American Way are dead in America.  That fact has been documented for you time and again at this site, Kerodin.com, WRSA, Bill Nye's place, AP's, and the list goes on.  Do you want to be the man who tests Pennsylvania's new Castle Doctrine after you follow prudence and drop that gang of thugs at 40 feet, with a powerful group of people from many sectors of society calling you a murderer because not one of those "...fine young men, cut down in their prime..." could have hit you or your wife with one of their bats, even by throwing it?  Add Hate Crime to the mix, probably.  Even if you beat the criminal onslaught, you'll be bankrupted in civil court, even if you win.

Do not parrot the familiar judged by twelve than carried by six silliness, and then stop thinking. 

Instead, find a way to handle such a threat that does not involve your identity becoming known in the first place...

Just how Grey are you in real life?

Here is the story.



  1. I have had this same conversation with several people lately, and they always seem shocked that I advocate going grey in this instance? Just be very careful you are truly grey... be proactive, clean all bullets as you load them (no prints)etc...

  2. I'm a firearms instructor with real life experience. The problem I have with people and guns is that they all practice as if the gun will appear like magic in their hands. Just standing with a gun in hand with no thought of the draw is no practice at all. And I have personally timed a 285 pound individual covering 21 feet in 1.5 seconds.

  3. It is a mindset. An attacker is to be seen as inhuman. It is rather a ravenous beast possessed of a desire to consume you. Once that issue is reconciled within the mind the training allowing identification of the beast in all of its' permutations and the method of the response to each begins. Delaying the response because the beast appears human will cost you you're life and those around you. Think before being required to act, not at the time of the threat.


  4. Grey is the way.

    Do not wait for the police to arrive.

    Talk to NO ONE!

    Go home.



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