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Thursday, July 7, 2011


Most of you know I rarely comment of GunWalker because I consider it a useless Sparklie.

But there is one aspect being overlooked that I think deserves consideration by the thinkers among us, not simply those looking for a political club with which to bash the other side.

Consider: Every ATF Agent who let guns walk, who let Americans purchase firearms without interference, whether they knew it or not, were following 2A.

Consider further: Every ATF Agent and Politician and outraged Citizen who beats the drums that ATF did not intercept and prosecute "Straw Buyers" and subsequent transfers is advocating for the infringement of 2A.

It really is that simple.  Americans should be able to walk into any store, buy any firearm, and give it or sell it to anyone they choose.  That's what 2A is all about.  Yet these are the Agents being prosecuted and vilified...just how Orwellian can we get before we implode?

When you cheer Dodson, Dobyns, Cefalu - you are cheering men who actively seek to deny your 2A.

Even though some members of ATF let guns walk, for all the wrong reasons, it was likely the first and only time ATF was acting in accord with the Founders intent of 2A. 

I say we should authorize GunWalker in perpetuity.



  1. Very good points, Sam...


  2. I can agree as well. I care not who buys what,where,how many,or for whomever they please.
    I'll even say persons with "felonies" or prohibitions should be included in whatever they wish. It's pretty simple really....


  3. Except the straw buyers were Mexican Illegals were they not? Or at least Mexican Nationals... therefore no 2nd A applied.

    Even if they had been full blooded US citizens the gun grabbers were using the guns they were running (or allowing to be run) as a tool to tighten their own gun legislation and restrictions. Breaking open Gunwalker shows that guns going to Mexico from the US was a planned set up and not the result of lax gun laws....just lax enforcement.

    I do agree with you it will come to nothing, those who support such slimeball gungrabbers don't know and don't care... but still get to vote.

  4. The progressive viewpoint that once a person has comitted a felony, they are incapable of owning a firearm is unconstitutional. A citizen can not be thrown in prison or lose their rights 'because of what they might do'. There is a very minor jump from firearms to 'because of what they might say'. Beware what you beg your politicians to protect you from.


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