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Friday, July 8, 2011

Ocean City

Spent the day at Ocean City (MD) with the lovely Mrs. Kerodin today.  (No, that is not her in the picture.  Mrs. Kerodin is exponentially hotter and twice as camera shy). It was her first trip, though she's been to OC New Jersey & Atlantic City, so nothing new.  It was a nice break from the same ol' same ol'. 

As expected, nothing new happened in the progress of our demise, but for stepping closer.

I grow weary with this endeavor.  We know what is to come.  We are all prepping - or should be.  The only variable is X Date.

Gunwalker, debt ceiling, Iraq, Libya, et al are all jokes.

2 Trillion in cuts - over 10-12 years?  Who are they kidding?

Brace for impact.  Honestly, I have better things to do than continue to document the long train of abuses for those of you who get it, and those who never will.

Stay safe.



  1. It never ends. Glad you and your wife had a good time. I grew up about a mile and a half from the beach as a kid and towed a 60 pound 1964 Jacobs surfboard almost every day during the summer to the beach. Now, I live in a big giant beach ... without water. Anyhow, I know how you feel. I'm not sure how long I am going to plug my blog trying to reach the clueless. I don't know yet. Maybe just concentrate on my AO. My shooting skills are not what they used to be, so I definitely need to get that squared away. My wife and I are going to pick up some freeze dried fruits tomorrow, then forget all this for the day and enjoy it.

  2. Your Wife is Hotter than the female type person illustrated...... And ya can find time to Read, Wright, Prepair.

    Still Prepping, in all it's forms my wife as good as she is ain't that good lookin' but she's learnin to shoot,and can, and preserve.


  3. A good woman is the most important part of any man's life. The day I met my wife I called my mother and told her that I had met the woman I would marry. It took a little longer to convince my bride-to-be.

    Less than a month after our wedding, I caught my case. When the time came, she drove me to my camping trip with the Feds, she never missed a visiting day (4 hours each way) and she picked me up when they kicked me to the curb.

    She has had my back in every tough spot I have faced, and that is priceless. I would recommend to every man out there, if you have not made your wife a full partner in your preps, you may be missing the most important asset you have. Women see things that we miss, because they are wired differently. Many of the things we miss and they catch are damned important.

    Stay safe, my friends.



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