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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Potomac Theatre

Should he stand down as Speaker?

Tea Party Patriots (the group) says yes...resoundingly.  Here is their poll.

I want a serious Patriot standing against the Enemies of Liberty.  I want a Patriot who wants to say No! rather than an Establishment R who is forced to pay nominal attention to the Tea Party.

Even with the Tea Party new blood in the House, they are not strong enough to push Boehner any further than the useless middle, where he offers meaningless reductions in the rate of borrowing.  Until Team Liberty has 218 votes in the House and shuts down the revenue stream, nothing will change on the political landscape.

Paul Craig Roberts floated the possibility that the theatre we are watching might be a game that allows both sides of the aisle to avoid voting for the massive spending cuts that must happen to save the economy.  If they "fail to act" then the cuts are an automatic byproduct, and everyone gets to throw their hands up and blame the other side for the pain.  Reading PCR's column, I think he holds little faith in the possibility, but floated it as a slim maybe.  Such a move by our current politicians, doing the right thing even if by cowardly means, would require that both sides of the aisle have suddenly decided to put the country before their personal agendas...I have zero faith in that possibility.

PCR's suggestion might hold more water if both sides suddenly accept that their personal agendas are inextricably tied to the survival of the republic, in the name of self-preservation.  Here, too, I am not sanguine that those on the Far Left believe such reasoning.  I am convinced that the Far Left, represented by President Obama and his supporters, wants Implosion.

So...how do we get to 218?  Are you willing to run?

If the genuine Patriot Community does not send 218 to the House, there is no hope.

But the truth is that even with 218 in the House in 2012, our current trajectory will lead to Implosion before they could save the republic.  Even if Implosion were somehow avoided and the 218 were able to choke out the Beast, the result would be Implosion brought to reality by the FSA (Free Sh*t Army) and their handlers as they start to feel the pain.

I still contend that it matters and we should send as many genuine Patriots to the House in 2012, so we at least have friends in the Bunkers with the knowledge that no matter what...

There's going to be a fight.

Let's win.


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