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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Withdraw Consent to Restore Liberty?

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it...

It has been offered by many on the Right that there is a way to restore Liberty without a drop of blood being shed, without a single Patriot having to take arms.  Many people advocate this approach.

If enough Americans simply sit down and stop feeding the Beast, revenue dries up and Government ceases to operate, and Liberty blooms.

So goes the theory.

I can not get aboard this train.  The numbers simply do not support the conclusion, and Human Nature will not support it, either.

The number of Americans who genuinely subscribe to the principles laid out in our Founding documents is very small.  Most Americans today are quite content to live in Socialism, as evidenced by the number of people willing to accept money from Washington that has been stolen from productive people.  About half of the people in America accept some sort of Government handouts, and the other half are those from which the handouts are stolen in the first place.

Denninger calls those who accept the handouts the FSA (Free Sh*t Army) and you can bet your backside that when the handouts stop, the vast majority of the FSA will throw a very serious & dangerous tantrum.

But even in the productive 50% of America there is an expectation for Government to do things that are well outside the limits imposed by the Constitution.  Almost every Establishment R wants to invade any and every nation to establish democracy.  Almost every Establishment R is willing to infringe & ignore parts of the Constitution when it suits their personal agenda.

No, a non-violent sit-out will not restore Liberty, for the vast majority of Americans simply do not believe in genuine Liberty.  The FSA will riot (literally) when the freebies stop, and the Establishment will use force to keep their hold on power.

In both cases, the FSA & the Establishment, Constitutionalists are a common enemy.

You are that enemy.

Constitutionalists simply can not coexist with the FSA & the Establishment.

There's going to be a fight.

Let's win.

That is the sum of things, with all the extraneous silliness stripped away, courtesy of Concerned American.

Can you resign yourself to that simple fact?  There is no way to live in genuine Liberty so long as the FSA & Establishment exist.  Simple.  Period.  Full Stop.

Do not lie to yourself and think you are living in Liberty if you do not pay taxes, or you do not register the car you drive, or you carry against the law - you are simply under the radar for the moment.  They will catch you, somewhere, sometime, and force your compliance, imprison or kill you.

What are you willing to do about it?  That is a rhetorical question, please don't post your answer - it's your business.

The arguments that we see every day in the headlines at Drudge reveal the depravity and vast size of the group that are Enemies of Liberty.  The debt/deficit argument is the latest example articulated from Washington.  They simply are not serious about changing the paradigm.  Even the R's plan is merely a reduction in the rate of borrowing, and an anemic reduction, at that.  The hundreds of millions of Americans who represent the FSA & Establishment quibble about details, they are not negotiating an end to freebies.

President Obama's attempt to slide gun control upon us through a Treaty is another example of the level of Treason that is accepted across the land.  The Treason exists in the simple act of attempting to undermine the Constitution.  Submitting such a Treaty to the Senate is Treason.  Any Senator who votes to ratify is a Traitor.  The same hundreds of millions of Americans let it go without anything more than a grumble, at most.

In Ohio a man is charged for barking at a police dog, and a judge ruled that barking at a dog is not protected under 1A.  HuffPo labels the story as a comedy.  I would label it a tragic comedy and more evidence that Americans are willing to endure the leash of Masters.

The Establishment and FSA simply will not permit you to live in genuine Liberty.  If you try, they will fight.  You will defend yourself, and we have a Ruckus.

I can appreciate the morality of those who advocate a work stoppage to force the republic back toward Liberty.  But a work stoppage will never result in changing one mind about your Right to Liberty.  Indeed, if you stop feeding the Beast, one day, the FSA & Establishment will join forces again to declare your inaction to be a crime, bet on it.  You'll end up building furniture in a Federal prison camp, or dead for defending yourself against such a sentence.

I would suggest to everyone who would like to see a non-violent return to Liberty that they stock up on assets of violence & subsistence, for the moment when their plan fails.



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