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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

By Any Means Necessary

Web sites are liable for ads on their sites from advertisers that break federal criminal law.

Google was just extorted for $500 million dollars by DOJ.  DOJ demanded that Google pay the extortion money because they accepted ads from online pharmacies that were breaking the law.  Google was held responsible for the illegal actions of a third party.

The fundamental unfairness is obvious to any Patriot.

That Google, one of the most powerful corporations in the world, and without question an ally of Government agencies like NSA, CIA, et cetera, would simply cut a check and not defend itself against Federal extortion demonstrates the futility of attempting to fight in our judicial system.

If Google will fold without a fight, what chance do you think you will have if and when the Feds choose to prosecute you?  I can attest to you that the power the Federal Government can bring to bear is overwhelming.  Federal prosecutors have a 98% conviction rate because they make you an offer you can't refuse: Accept the plea deal or we will send you to prison for a very long time, and we'll send your spouse as a conspirator, and we'll put your kids in the system...the tools in their toolbox are devastating.

Can you find any other Federal agency that runs at 98% efficiency?

When the Feds decide to come for you, they will have you, one way or another.  Do not, for a single moment, believe that you will prevail in court - it's a sucker's move.  I do not care how innocent you are.  If they want you, they will have you.

Stay off their radar until you are ready to accept that fight.  I promise you this: Even if you survive the Stack, even if you accept the plea, your life will never be the same.

Fight smart and stay off their radar until you are ready to surrender everything.

Now consider the power of this new tool claimed by the Feds.  What happens if you put an ad on your blog or facebook page for a gun company, for example.  What happens when the Feds target that gun company and find it has been doing something, anything, illegal.  Now, you face charges, too.

Remember, if they want you, they will have you.  By any means necessary.

Are you willing to apply the same standard - by any means necessary - for your Liberty?

Here is the Google article.


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