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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Made in China: Any Questions?

Made in China & shipped to USA

New San Fran Bridge: Made in China & Shipped to USA

Made in China - Believe it...


Article III Section III.  It applies to every American Citizen who is helping to overthrow the Constitutional republic by violating the Constitution.

When Patriots begin to hold Traitors accountable for their Treason, there will be no stopping until the cancer is excised...completely.



  1. The MLK sculpture looks like they took a surplus statue of Mao or Lenin and put MLK's head on it.

    We can't build bridges in this country any more? I refuse to believe it was cheaper to build the bridge in China...unless there was free shipping on orders over $100.

  2. I agree, Walter. All of these projects are payback via other channels.

    The level of Treason around us is, pardon the pun, monumental.



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