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Sunday, August 7, 2011

SEAL 6 Members Killed

My readers know that I do not buy into conspiracy theories.

Many of us have serious reservations about the Op that supposedly took out OBL by SEAL 6.

And now...those members of SEAL 6 are dead.  Many first-hand witnesses are dead.

Just sayin'.

Here is the story.



  1. On Ann Barnhardt's site this morning, the first 5 articles brings out a lot of details:


    And read all of the links. Makes for quite an eye opener.


  2. Well if I was a person of power and wealth one of the last group of people I would screw with and cause harm to would be Seals, Rangers or any kind of Special Ops type of folks. Unless you could eliminate them all at one time, I believe that if word got out to the group as a whole that you were out to do them harm then your days of power and wealth and those you associated with are numbered.


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