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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Market Murder?

Patriots, when will It begin?  It may begin and we may not recognize it for a while, because there will be many events separated by time and distance that can not immediately be connected.  There are many potential variables.

But there will come that moment when we will suddenly know that it has started, and we are in it.

Do not permit yourself to be caught flat-footed.  Don't wait to buy that particular item of Prep, assuming you'll have time to get it after a few more paychecks.  None of us can know when the last paycheck will come.

I do not seek to raise the alarm or fear in your family, but I would caution you to consider carefully if you must take a trip away from home.  Is it critical?  What happens if It begins while you are away?  Will you be able to get home if planes, trains and highways are shut down?

I am looking forward to Atlanta on the 19th.  At this moment it appears I will be able to be there.  There are many of you I want to shake hands with and look into your eyes.  When SHTF most of us will be separated by distance, unable to stand shoulder to shoulder - but we will know that we are not alone.  We will be striving for the same goals, and if we are smart, determined and a little bit lucky, perhaps we'll meet again on the other side of the Ruckus.

The Asian markets begin to open soon.  I have contended for a long time that an economic bloodbath, complete with bank runs & collapses, will probably mark the beginning of Implosion.

We may be standing with our toes on that line, right now.

Be smart.  Stay safe.


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