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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Post-American World...

There is a lot of talk about a Post-American World.  Many people want a world in which America is not the strongest and most affluent and technologically advanced country in the world.

Many of those people call themselves Americans.

Many are in our politics, academia, business...you know who they are.

I call every single one of them Traitors and genetic garbage.  They are not Liberals or Progressives or Democrats or Republicans...they are traitors and their existence among us offends Liberty.

I would ask each Patriot who visits this site to seriously consider an active movement that engages these Enemies of Liberty and holds them accountable to Article III Section III of our Constitution.  We have been passive for too long, and our reward for tolerance and turning the other cheek is that we are exponentially outnumbered and dismissed as insignificant.

Until such people are forced to answer for their Treason and sentenced to prison, deportation, or the gallows, Liberty will not exist in America.  Every single one of them.

Zero tolerance.

This conflict is not a legitimate difference of political opinion, as our enemies claim.

The conflict is Slavery versus Liberty.

The rules in such a conflict are few, and harsh.

For the moment we wait, as AP articulated.

But there will come a moment in my lifetime when the conflict goes hot.

You and I can never stop until Liberty is safe...and making the republic safe once again will be very ugly business.

I have no intention of permitting history to consider me one of the Americans who let Liberty die on my watch.



  1. How would one start such a movement? I'd love to see it happen, but man do I feel paralyzed. It's like having a fork and knife in hand and setting about to eat an elephant. Even if you have a hundred men with you in the same position, they'll all just sitting there, trying to figure out where to start. When you're standing in the bushes, looking at a live elephant and you can't be sure how many others are even out there, much less if they are going to help, it's that much worse.

    Kerodin, how do we get unstuck from the mindset? How do we even start to get the people around us to be?

  2. Kerodin,

    I am blessed to be living in an area that is very financially conservative, where the cops very rarely misbehave, and where the horrors so common elsewhere simply do not happen.

    Yet even here there are a few. I keep a list and keep track of them. Oathbreaking cops, union thugs, and similar will get their just desserts given time.

  3. When the market fell last Thursday, I went to bed so very late, half a bottle of vino to dull the angst... and awoke midst a dream where I woke Saturday morning and read the news...
    "100 Congressional delegates disappear during visits to their respective regions.
    Authorities and Federal investigators, including US Marshalls, FBI and 50 state investigative units are seeking information concerning the disappearance of Senate and House members returning home for the Congressional Recess... (more...)"
    My heart was nearly broken when I actually woke and it hadn't happened.

  4. How would one start such a movement: I am afraid that, as AP says, someone will have to be the idiot.

    That's where we are, folks.

    It will happen when the time is right, when the right person has reached his limit, and we will all step in and do our part.

    Until then...we prep, we take names for the trials, and we wait.



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