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Monday, August 8, 2011

Where is your money safe?

We are in very dangerous times.  Where is your money?  (Rhetorical, don't post answers)

Gold is sky-high, and a strong case can be made that it is a bubble.

American stocks are all at risk of going bust.

As I write this, China is down another 6.5% and Japan is down 4.5%.  Dow futures are at 260 down.  Tuesday is likely to be another slaughter.  There are many, many places that your money is not safe.  BofA is at ~$6/share.  Digital dollars can disappear in an instant.

If this volatility continues much longer we will begin to see suicides among the Bankster Class.  I won't weep.  But if they don't get a handle on things quickly, we could be in the opening moments of It.

The politics surrounding the economy at the moment are savage.

Patriots: Remain fluid, able to move quickly.  Keep informed of the details.  Do not dismiss anything without seriously considering what it may mean in the larger picture.

Liberty and our current Political Establishment simply can not coexist.  Most Americans are not truly committed to Liberty, find a way to accept that fact so that when SHTF your mind will be clear to do the ugly work that will be required if Liberty is to prevail.

An America that embraces Liberty will be a much less populous America.

Article III Section III will soon be exercised as never before.  Our Founding Fathers gave us that tool for a reason, for a time when we find ourselves ruled by Masters.

Read this by Denninger, here.  I agree with him - we'll drop a bit more, maybe even 1,000 Dow, then there will be a monster bounce and the most stupid among us will declare the bad days are behind us, that we have dodged the bullet and President Obama is an economic genius...then reality will rip them all new orifices.



  1. Jim Rogers on Lew Rockwell a couple of months ago on why gold is not in a bubble:

    Look at this chart, parabolic spikes notwithstanding, and look at the general slope of the curve. No bubble.

    Here is the money supply chart, proportional in slope angle to gold price:

    They keep printing, the gold stays the same. Your purchasing power diminishes.


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