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Thursday, September 15, 2011


If you were going to steal an identity, would you choose mine?

How stupid must one be to want to be me?

Identity theft...mine.  Can you believe it?

I wonder if the wannabe Kerodin has factored in the attention headed his way by the Agencies that are part of my life...FBI, Secret Service, DHS, just for starters?

I wonder who will find the Faux Kerodin first...FedGov or me.

Column is here.



  1. I used to work for a background screening company. It's amazing how stupid identity thieves are. There was a breach at one company (I forget who it was, but I'm contractually obligated to forget anyway), someone put the list of personal data online. Within a few months, there were 85 different cases of fraud on the same social security number.

    Of course, you'll note the theme. The fact that a government-issued number has such power is why the problem exists at all. I just want to see one problem, any problem, that has a heavy effect on society that doesn't government at its root somehow. It's like they picked the lock to your back door, and advertised your address. It's infuriating, especially when you see the how the parties that are responsible for leaking information aren't punished for the damage they do.

    That is, if this isn't some kind of COINTEL-type stunt.

  2. Uh-oh...
    I hope hacker douche-bag has his affairs in order.
    Sam...will it be a lingering demise, or swift and silent? ;)

  3. Yep take that piece of shit down hard!



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