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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Are you beginning to recognize the pattern, yet?

This is another one that has the potential to bring down an Administration.

The political conversations that need to begin: Do we move to Impeach before the 2012 elections, or do we hold it just in case President Obama manages to win in 2012?

There are serious D's, right now, quietly discussing the possibilities of asking the President to step-off the 2012 ticket.

Sadly, regardless of the fallout of LightSquared, Solyndra, GunWalker, et al, nothing is capable of thwarting Implosion. 

Make no mistake, Implosion is the goal sought by the Enemies of Liberty, foreign & Domestic...to the highest levels of our Political Class.

Mao's barrel of the gun will decide the future of America...and the Maoists among us are not afraid of that fight.  They see it as absolutely necessary to their End Game.

Prep more.


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  1. It seems the philosophy of the administration is to do so many corrupt and illegal things in so many areas that it becomes impossible to narrow down enough charges to impeach them. It's like schooling fish confusing the predators by being a distracting crowd. It will take an army of prosecutors.

    I believe the Cloward and Piven theory was "overwhelm the system" and it will collapse. Check.


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