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Friday, September 16, 2011

We are watching an ugly chapter of human history as it happens...

Solyndra.  GunWalker.  LightSquared.  Czars.  Arab Spring.  Intentional destruction of the economy.  Iraq.  Afghanistan.  Libya.  Soon Iran and perhaps Syria.  Gulf 1.  The abandonment of the Gold Standard for the pliable fiat.  Empire building.  Spreading democracy.

The list of injuries since 2008, since 2000, indeed, since 1861 inflicted upon Liberty by the American Political & Bankster Classes is too long to list here...but you are familiar with the list.

The list of events currently pressuring this White House and those who align with him as Enemies of Liberty are being terribly inconvenienced by the timing of many of the events in our headlines every day.  President Obama's Approval drops daily.  Scandals drop weekly.

We are still 13 months or so from the next election.

The problem is obvious, and the Enemies of Liberty are rapidly approaching a crossroads: Swing soon with the heavy-hand of Government or roll the dice on one more election...

Controlling the ruin of the Western World is an imprecise science.  Our Masters can't really be blamed for missing the timing by a few months.

You and I will be blamed by every slave in the future of humanity for allowing this to happen.

Stand up & Die Well.


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  1. Solyndra. GunWalker. LightSquared. Czars. Arab Spring. Intentional destruction of the economy. Iraq. Afghanistan. Libya. Soon Iran and perhaps Syria. Gulf 1. The abandonment of the Gold Standard for the pliable fiat. Empire building. Spreading democracy.

    Congrats, probably the most powerful opening in the history of Journalism...........


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