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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reality Check: No Shoes

For Patriots who anticipate support from the general populace when SHTF and Patriots move for the Greens across the republic to bring Liberty back...

Consider: Just 13,000 of the original III Percent camped at Valley Forge with little food, insufficient arms and ammo, and in many cases without shoes and other fundamentals.

This as the republic around them bustled in commerce.  The republic could have provided for their every need, and did not. 

When you march for the Green, do so with the full knowledge that you likely will fight for the duration with what you carry on your back.  Future meals and supplies will be won from the enemy, not purchased at Wal-Mart or donated by the merchants at the local shopping mall or your neighbors.  You will not have the luxury to re-supply by mail order.

Add to this the reality that the FSA is everywhere, Patriots are not.

They have more eyes and ears.  They will see something, and say something.

Lose your illusions.



  1. Popping the self-delusional bubble many have that holds that a 3rd RevWar would have popular support is important.

    Restoring a constitutional republic would mean massive financial losses for many, abject poverty and destitution for many more.

    A modern day revolutionary would be fighting the government, as well as most of the population.

    This delusion, that most people are like us, that ignorant Beck saying, "We surround them", will be the end of many as they break down when they come to realize that it is simply just not true.

    Patriots and revolutionaries in this country would be hated, outnumbered, and hunted down on all sides.

    Patriots and revolutionaries are killers, criminals, and psychopaths in the eyes of most...until they win.

    200+ years later, they're whitewashed saints.

    Winter is coming.


  2. I had a recent chat with a retired US Army O-4. Today he is a government high school teacher. 'Pub Prez candidates came up. Bachman being one. He likes her politics. When I attacked her for being a career politician & an IRS attorney he exclaimed "We need taxes ! ". When I responded that working Americans are paying 50% of their earnings in taxes, how much more do you want scoundrels like Bachman to take, he had no comment.

    We will be alone in a fight. The last ones we can depend on are former US military members.


  3. For Dan III in PA:

    'former military members' are the people most likely to honor their Oath and have what it takes to actually fight should it come to that....even if they might not think exactly the same way you do on what's necessary for a society to work.

    The last thing you want to do is alienate the hundreds of thousands of former military who are currently evaluating the State of the Nation, and as they see the facts, may be swayed to FREFOR, not to mention those who are already hard at work in the cause of Restoration with blanket statements denigrating their honor.

    Being on the same side doesn't mean subscribing to 'group think'; all it means is being dedicated to restoring constitutional government and rule of law, including the laying of taxes, which, by the way, is layed out in the Constitution.

  4. For The Trainer....

    My experience with former US military is that they cannot be relied on to honor their oath to the Constitution any more than III %'ers can rely on 97-98% of the citizens to stand against the tyranny of the .gov. Let's just look at Stewart Rhodes and his "Oathkeepers" a couple years ago. When it came time to stand with armed Patriots on the banks of the Potomac Rhodes, his Board of Directors and Oathkeepers turned tail and ran. Oh....Rhodes is former 82 Abn and a commissioned officer.

    'Nuff said.



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