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Friday, September 30, 2011

Why We Suck...

This story articulates why America has begun to suck so badly over the past 100 years.

It isn't because FDR shoved the New Deal down our throats.  It isn't because Bush was a big-spending R who started wars to advance democracy.  It isn't even because of President Obama or any of his scandals.

It is because we, as a group, have not stood up to these people and their supporters when they are doing injury to an individual, a group, the economy or the republic.

We - you, me and those before us - have not bitch-slapped the Masters and Enemies of Liberty among us.

We have lost our internal moral compass and our willingness to excel, our willingness to defend excellence.

Just read this story and see if it makes sense for you on a broader socio-political scale.

The kid is a football machine.  He scores just about every time he touches the ball.

The solution?  His touchdowns no longer count after 3 in a game, so the other Little Darlin's on the field can still feel good about themselves.

That has become our default in America - tear down those among us who succeed.

Like the crabs in a bushel basket, the crabs on the bottom will grab and pull any escaping crab back among them.

The old Soviet example: My neighbor has three pigs and I have only two - I demand that Government go and kill one of my neighbors pigs!

Instead of letting this kid play the game by the rules that everyone else follows, they single him out and negate his excellence.  Instead of letting teams on defense work to improve themselves and learn to shut the kid down, we do it by Rule, instead.  

How about advancing the kid to the next league, as an option.  Maybe his talents will build even more if he is put with bigger, faster, stronger kids?

No.  Our default is to discourage.  Noone is exceptional.  Noone is allowed to be exceptional.

That is why America is no longer exceptional...because you and I tolerate such stupidity.

Here's the story.



  1. Sam,
    That kind of stupidity has only really surfaced the last 20yrs,although other examples have been around for decades.
    I think the people now in charge be it LEO,teacher,minister,or any level of "govt",were that "average" kid who now wish to stamp such brilliance out in the name of fairness.
    Mediocracy now rules because of such idiots amongst us all. F-em all i say.

  2. This is where I deal with a misnomer, prevalent among "Patriot methodology" the you are to blame philosophy.

    Once again it's our fault, the current state of our Country. We as a whole, Americans, have heeded the call, WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, The Gulf, We either served or supported our Government.
    We went to work, Payed our taxes and waved the flag, in support of our Nation.

    We as Americans, elect a group of individuals to do the the work of Government, because we are busy living our lives, raising children and paying our taxes.

    How dare you indite the Loyal American citizen, who's only crime is believing in the system.
    The system, with a few faults, has preformed well for 200 years.

    Instead of faulting the American citizen, try pointing your Vitriol towards the small select group that controls the politicians that are supposed to serve their constituents.

  3. CY,
    Who IS that small select group you speak of?

  4. Sam,

    Have you ever read Vonnegut's short story, Harrison Bergeron? (http://www.tnellen.com/cybereng/harrison.html) It was the ultimate expression of a government mandating mediocrity, where everyone is "equal".

    He saw it happening back in 1961.

    It seems logical to say it is our fault for letting them do this to us, but because of the wealth and stability the Founders provided for us, we became too weak to stand up, as they did, and say, "No more!" Other than the incident where the veterans of Athens, GA (IIRC), where they fought the establishment, the Sheriff and the powers running that town, banding together to fight for what was right.

    When the Federalists deceived the people sufficiently to get them to accept a flawed Constitution that did not limit the size and scope of government in a simple, bullet-proof fashion, our doom began. Washington himself urinated all over the rights of the individual and limited government when he put down the Whiskey Rebellion. Basically, we never had much of a chance. The deaths of veterans and their families during the Bonus Army March drove another nail in the coffin.

    Those few times people have tried to rise up and fight back have ended badly. "You can't fight City Hall" became a truism. I may well be wrong, but I believe it is the nature of man vs government that the long train of abuses cannot be stopped without violence and physical revolution. I wish it weren't so, but I fear it is. Blaming ourselves for not having enough spine to sort it out before it gets to that point might not be fair.


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