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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stock Shock Monday

Unless something changes between now and then, if you are in the stock market Monday will be ugly.

Germany has announced that they will not go any deeper in debt - goodbye, Greece.  Goodbye Banksters holding Greek debt.  Banksters: Might I suggest leaping from a tall building after Tweeting, so we can all be sure to YouTube the video...

At the moment the Dow Futures are down 258 for the Monday Open.

Add that Monday is the beginning of a new Quarter, look for the big buyers to get back into gold.

Lead is the new Gold.

And check this from Free North Carolina about the pressure put on German Lawmakers for the Banksters, here.

Here's the story on Germany.



  1. Did you see this?


  2. Looks like Germany ois going to revive the "Deutschmark" again.



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