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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Beating the Drums of War

Do you have any loved ones in the US Military?

If you do not want to see them deployed to Iran, you'd better work on their discharge soon.

For decades our foreign policy has been geared toward securing the oil of the Middle East.  There is no other reason for Americans to fight or die on the sands of the Middle East.  Look at the map above.  Saudi Arabia is an "ally".  Kuwait is an "ally".  We have control in Afghanistan and Iraq.  That only leaves Iran (the 4th largest oil reserves on the planet) and Pakistan.

It is easy to understand why every President from George W. Bush back through the generations stuck the American nose into the region.

But what of President Obama?  Does he care about securing cheap Middle Eastern oil for the next generation of Americans?

Not so much.

What better way to implode the American economy but to drive manufacturing from our shores, drive unemployment higher, incite race and class warfare...and drive the cost of oil above $150 per barrel?

Wars that engulf the Middle East will surely drive oil above $150.

Consider: The Arab Spring has unleashed the harder elements of Mo's folks and given them the power of the military in several countries.  American interventionalism has riled the entire region.

How best to ensure a regional war but to unleash Iran, who will lash out at the House of Saud as quickly as they will throw Chem/Bio at Israel.  The rowdy folks in Pakistan will not permit their Masters to stay out of that fight.

Today our Government has laid the ground for an advance into Iran with a goal that is far different from what you will hear in the news.  Forget any nonsense you may hear about the axis of evil.

People around the world and right here in America want our country to implode.

Here it comes.



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  1. What's all this brew-ha-ha about Iranians plotting to assassinate somebody in the USA without approval? Didn't we just vaporize a couple of American citizens overseas without a permission slip?...or a trial?


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