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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Occupy L.A. Speaker: Violence will be Necessary to Achieve Our Goals

Everyone is trying to claim the Occupy protests as their own - from Alex Jones who is trying to muscle it into an anti-Fed protest to the Political Left who wants it to be a counter to the Tea Party, and several groups between.

This speaker (in the video) at least speaks the truth.

My point: 1A does not give one free license to incite an overthrow of the republic.

I do not care if the person calling for it is an Anarchist, a Communist or a Muslim or Iranian (click here).  When you try to enlist the aid of another to actively overthrow the Constitution and/or Bill of Rights, you are a free target for genuine defenders of Liberty.

No man or woman has a Right to attempt to overthrow our Founding Principles for Communism, and we are not bound by our rules of society to simply stand aside and let them try in the name of 1A and tolerance.

Screw that.

Spew this garbage near me and I'll give you the opportunity to impose your beliefs on me.  I invite it.

One day soon I may be forced to head out of my home and find these people, and give them the same opportunity.  I will not ask anyone to join me.  I will not try to organize a III group to show up.  I'll do it on my own, because that is how I do things.  I'll defend my own Liberty, you take care of yours.  If those two goals bring us shoulder to shoulder one day, so be it.

But until then, I'll go it alone.

Why?  Why might I feel the need to soon walk away from home & hearth to engage the Enemies of Liberty?

Because they are winning.

Here's the video clip.


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