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Monday, October 3, 2011

Consider: OathKeepers

Consider Curtis' insight to the OathKeepers, here.

There are very few who truly want a Constitutional Republic and the ideal of Liberty as articulated by Jefferson.

Most have a personal agenda that is not necessarily what they present to the world.

OathKeepers is unquestionably one such group.  They have their agenda...don't assume it matches yours, whatever they put in their slick Membership brochure.

Remember, any active LEO must injure the Constitution every day he is on the job, even if he wears that OathKeepers tab on his weekend gun range fatigues.  The list of crimes for which he arrests people that are unconstitutional is very, very long.



  1. This is an all to common occurrence.

    Linked & posted

  2. Stewart Rhodes' Oathkeeper organization has duped many well intentioned Patriots. While Rhodes' crew has taken in hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions and memberships what has been accomplished ? Little that I'm aware of. Rhodes & his deceptive board of directors earned my disdain and disrespect when they publicly refused to support the 2A rally on the banks of the Potomac two years ago. Rhodes is more interested in singing Kumbaya with those who attack our liberties and ending the session with a passing of the collection plate.



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