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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ready, Set, Go!

A sitting US Senator has called for a run on a US Bank.

Why?  Because the bank is failing?  That is not new information.

The Left has spent many years laying the ground for a deliberate Implosion.

The nation is a powder keg.

A sitting US Senator has just chosen to be a spark.

I hope you are all ready.  Collapse & Implosion is not a one-day event.  You will not find riots in the morning.  These things take time.  But make no mistake, it's on.

I think it is obvious that 2012 elections are not part of the D plan...

Here is the story.


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  1. Durbin. Sorry excuse for a human being and a Senator. If someone is so stupid to still be doing business with BoA they deserve the five dollar debit card fee.


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