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Friday, October 21, 2011

Consider One Direct Action

I would ask you to consider one piece of Direct Action today.

This is merely a rhetorical exercise, a mental bit of gymnastics.

If SHTF this afternoon:

Do you have your Go Bag & gear ready to walk off your porch in full kit in 10 minutes or fewer?

Do you have your first 3 pieces of work identified, planned, and ready to execute?

Will your first three tasks make you safer over the following hours/days?

Do you have the gumption to execute your first three tasks?

Does everyone in your home know their position?

Just think about it.  If the answer is No or Not quite or Maybe...you have work to do.

There is not one other human being on this planet who is responsible for ensuring your Freedom or Liberty.

That's on you.



  1. I'm big on symbolism: what other options besides the deathshead?

  2. Symbolism: There is no other symbol for me.

    Memento Mori.

    Death to Liberalism and Communism.

    There is no middle ground, no quarter.


  3. I can be anywhere in the continental United States in 36 hours with weapons, ammo, food, and water for 72 hours.

    Call me.

  4. Yes --- you better be getting ready------the enemies of free people are active everywhere--------and it is global.
    Going for the throat worldwide this time. OWS is forming to be the hammer--read here---http://atrueott.wordpress.com/2011/10/23/the-truth-about-occupy-wall-street-exposed/
    Global Corporations and Bankers the anvil-----we are the flesh and blood in between ---------the USA is the last remaining obstacle to a plan at least 200 years old.
    If you are just starting to get ready.....you are behind the curve
    I suggest that maybe the forces of liberty go after and defang the source of this evil.

  5. Network and support... I expect no SHTF event in the manner most think about it. Why bother it has been proven for well over one hundred years that we will sit back and allow them slowly erode every right and freedom that the Creator has bestowed upon us. We may complain and may even every once and awhile threaten to rise up but we do not and have not since 1861. We stand proudly and proclaim as did Captain John Parker on the green of Lexington "Don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here." There is the rub, They do not intend to fire for they are winning the war through attrition.

    So what is to be done? Do we actually rise up? I think they would be happy and ready to stamp out any small uprising and then use that event as even more excuse to tighten the chains of tyranny upon the rest. In fact far too many of those who would remain would welcome the tightened chains and feel all the safer for them. I have no answers , only questions. In the end I keep the council of those I trust and continue to prepare not so much for a SHTF event but more likely TEOTWAWKI. Can you and your tribe survive a post WROL world? There is always work to do....


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