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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Two Conversations Worth Your Time

I enjoy writing.  I enjoy discussing Liberty topics with other Patriots.

I run this blog not for hits, not for personal financial gain or self-aggrandizement.

I run it so that we who love Liberty can, hopefully, one day see Liberty restored as intended by Mister Jefferson and Mister Franklin.

I enjoy talking to you in comments and email.  Several of you have enhanced my life.

But my friends, WRSA and Arctic Patriot are better places for serious and nuanced discussion.  I admit it freely, because I am hardcore and set in my ways.  I am not likely to change my opinions.  I am not a tribe kind of guy.  When I step off the porch, I'll do it alone, I won't advertise it to any living Soul, and I'll meet my fate by myself.  I'll die alone with my self-respect and honor.

You may think me foolish.  So be it.  I have trained my entire adult life as a Warrior in the ways of traditional Japanese fuedalism...and single combat is my strength.  That is where I fit in this world.  That is where my Soul is at rest.

Respect me enough to give me that, please.

Here are two current threads that deserve the attention of every Patriot in our Community.  I encourage you to weigh in.

WRSA: here.

Arctic Patriot: here.

Yours in Liberty,


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