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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Constitutional Convention

We've been discussing the potential of a Con-Con over the past few days across several of our blogs.

Firstly, I do not expect any Con-Con to arise from the current Occupy action, even their July NGA that they are currently floating.  However, that does not negate the potential that they (their Masters, actually) are not using these events to lay the ground for a Con-Con.

What better way to overthrow the republic but by using the Constitutional mechanism of a Constitutional Congress, a built-in device by the Founders?  Just as Hitler ordered his legislature to pass laws to support his deeds, in America the sheep need the pretense that everything being done is "Constitutional".

On its face a Constitutional Convention is, well...Constitutional.

You and I know the truth.  The Enemies of Liberty can pervert "The Constitution", gut it, re-write the text, vote on it through the States, and call it all "Constitutional".

They have done the same thing with President Obama's "Jobs bill".  Remember, the current version has nothing to do with the version submitted to Harry Reid by the President.  Harry Reid and his people stripped it, re-wrote the text, and kept the title...the same plan that may well be in the works for our Constitution.

There is only one word fitting of this event if they even try...Treason.

There will be no time or place or mechanism for an orderly set of Article III Section III trials.

It will be up to Patriots.  We are all that stands between the document and the ideals that we call Constitutional and the version of the "Constitution" that our Masters would like to hang on the wall that will look like something written in the Kremlin.

All that is legal is not moral.

I do not expect to die an old man in the comfort of my home, surrounded by loved ones.

I intend to die in the act of procuring such deaths for those I love.

Many of my family have died face down in the mud of some foreign land...for me.

My turn is coming soon.

I will not fail my family, my republic, my Soul.

If they mean to have a war, they must come through me.


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