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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dems throw President under the bus...

Those who have been anticipating, hoping for, predicting that President Obama may step aside and not run in 2012...

...Senate Dems have killed the Jobs Bill.  They'd rather not just Pass it Now!

On top of that, they have pushed to capture the base once again, demanding a 5% surtax on the rich...old-school, election year class-warfare.

You see, they want to be re-elected.  They watched the President throw scores of D's under the bus to pass ObamaCare, just to shrug and walk away when the tsunami of November 2010 hit.

D's have decided to return the favor, en masse.

They have done the arithmetic and decided that their chances of personal survival improve without following the President into the rabbit hole one more time.

Will he actually step aside?  That's hard to call - narcissism is savage.

But the President will not have the D army at his back unless there is a tectonic shift in the state of the Union...fast.  D's will, instead, indulge in the most basic of human behaviors...self-preservation.

Here's the story.


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