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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Smart politics.

Column at Kerodin.com, here.



  1. I think she made a good decision. The left and press would have made her life hell, and she is too demonized already to have any shot of winning a general election.

    Unfortunately I have to disagree with you on her virtues and ability. She is a great politician, for a certain segmnet, and she's right about a lot of things. But that usually doesn't make you President. That describes people like Buchanan, Perot and Nader a lot more than Clinton, Bush and Nixon.

    So, it was her destiny to lose, and she was smart enough not to take the challenge. Good for her. She does keep slippling the traps laid for her by the media. Not to mention playing them like a violin.

    As for her being Sec. of State, I doubt she could gain confirmation. The media would be all over he lack of qualifications. And, they might be right. She seemed pretty ignorant about the world outside of the USA in her VP run. The book written about the campaign have re-inforced this. She was trying hard to cram for an exam she hadn't studdied for. Perhaps in the last few years she's done that, but I rarely see her commenting on foreign affairs.

    Like it or not previous presidents have tended to go for people who have some credentials: Rice was a professor of international relations and a former Nation Security Advisor. Powell was the former SecDef and head of the Joint Chiefs. The most famous Sec. of State of recent times, Kissinger, was likewise a foreign policy guru, author, professor and former national security advisor.

    Palin's qualifications are non existant. (Hillary's were pretty bad too, and she got the job. But hasn't made much of it. Hopefully the GOP can maintain standards of previous GOP administrations and NOT ape the Obama adminstration in making every job a Chicago style partronage job.)


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