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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Star Chamber in the White House

The Star Chamber is historical fact, not just a movie.  Here's the Wiki link if you need to get up to speed.

We now have a Star Chamber working in the Federal Government.  According to Reuters the Chamber consists of a select group within the National Security Council and this group decides which Americans may be placed on the Kill List.

We are back to the Goose & Gander argument.  If your elected representatives dismiss the rules articulated in the Constitution, they open themselves to removal by the Any Means Necessary standard as discussed in the Declaration of Independence.

If you have no respect for law and the Constitution, the fundamental set of rules for our society, you can have no expectation that We the People will remain confined by the Constitution in ridding ourselves of your tyranny.

Patriots: You have considered your own Star Chamber remedies, in principle, in the coming struggle.  Every time you think about frontier justice coming to Oath Breakers, you are going this extra-Constitutional route...or, are you?

I would argue that the Constitution permits the Citizen who is operating in good faith that "the system" has been hijacked by tyranny to independently take action.  You are under no moral requirement to follow unconstituional laws.  You are We the People, are you not?  Just because a majority of your fellow Citizens may agree with the tyrants does not mean the majority has any moral right to impose their will upon you.

Read your DoI.  Read Amendment IX.  Look into your Soul.

There exists your moral authority to take action, either as an individual or a group, to restore the Constitution and your Liberties.  When there is no "legal" mechanism available to you any longer to recover your Rights from the threats of Government and the majority, when Article III Section III is denied through the courts, then you are operating outside the "law", but not outside the ideals embodied in our Founding Documents.

Your DoI and Amendment IX are license from our Founders to do what you must, in good faith, to be in a state of Liberty.  Our Founders recognized your innate Right to Liberty, and wrote permission into our Founding Documents for you to keep it. 

Remember that our first revolution was a result of our Founders deciding to violate many of the "laws" of the King.  Every one of our Founders would have been executed as criminals and traitors...if they had lost.

You will never have Liberty without committing many misdemeanors & felonies.

The Founders provided the model.  When they won, they provided license for any future American to follow their model, if needed.  You are that American.

Here is the Reuters story.


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