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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Feds to move against California

The Feds have given Californian medical marijuana shops 45 days to close down or be raided & confiscated.

Will the government of California protect their Citizens who are operating with the permission of the State?

Do you not find it hypocritical that the most Leftist administration in our history is choosing to enforce laws that it actively advocates be repealed?  The Left wants legalization or at least decriminalization.  So, why choose to enforce laws that they do not like?  And, why now?

Power.  It is all a matter of power.  FedGov wants it all.

It is that simple.

The Left will sacrifice and accept a temporary delay in full decriminalization today for the gain they intend to make in FedGov power over States Rights.  The current Governor of California will not station his Guard or even California LEO at these establishments to arrest or challenge the Feds who will come to padlock, confiscate, and sell the physical property, and to arrest and imprison the proprietors.  Will the Feds also chase down any physician who has issued a prescription, and every person who has purchased from these establishments?

Nor will the Feds issue indictments on the politicians in California who authorized the law in the first place.  They get a pass.

California politicians will never do anything to risk the dollars that are flowing into the State from the Feds...stolen dollars, of course, from Citizens of every other State in the republic.

Will Citizens of California form a protective circle around their pot shops and the people who run them?  Perhaps, but not likely, for the same reasons that III Patriots never broke Olofson from prison.  Though I would bet there will be protests.

Patriots: It is our watch, and we are witnessing the final convulsions of the republic.

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  1. Idiots and posted. First hand experience: when I was undergoing Cobalt(radiation) in The PI'74/'75, grass stopped nausea 100%.

  2. It's TSA vs Texas again. I wonder if Cali will have more luck pushing back.


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